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Totally Cool Clasps & Pendants & Glass Cabochons!   

The last batch of clasps/pendants is half gone, and some of the designs aren't available right now.  Shoot an email to and I'll send pics of the pieces I have left, and when the cost of silver drops (cross fingers) I'll make another batch.  

In the meantime, I can make all the glass cabochons you want, in lots of different shapes & sizes, and you can do the silverwork (or beaded bezel settings) yourself!  Check out the design ideas below! COOL GOODIES - Critter Clasps & Pendants set in Silver!  Glass Cabochons!  Mardi Gras Flameworked Headpins!  New findings & jewelry  hit the world...  whoopsie doo!

Clasps-Large.jpg (45862 bytes)Clasps-Small.jpg (36798 bytes)Pendant-Large-Fish-Prototyp.jpg (37069 bytes)Clasp-Cow-Bracelet.jpg (31748 bytes)Clasp-Dogbone-Bracelet.jpg (21650 bytes)Clasp-Egg-Bracelet.jpg (27169 bytes)Cab-Pear.jpg (49814 bytes)Pendant-Cherries-Lg.jpg (38988 bytes)

Click on the pictures above to enlarge... Jim The Hubby did some great photography, gotta see em BIG!

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Clasps        Here's the scoop: 
Clasp-Chicken-Small.jpg (25362 bytes)   Clasp-Dogbone-Bracelet.jpg (21650 bytes) SMALL CLASPS  3/4" glass cabochons set in sterling silver.  There's a big bunch of different designs -  Great on bracelets!     $48 each

Like em? Email and I'll send you pics of the pieces I have in stock.  There's lots of different fabulous designs  - and if you're a seed beader?  I also sell the glass cabochons...!

Clasp-Bear-Polar-Large.jpg (16762 bytes) Clasp-Fish-Large.jpg (55485 bytes) LARGE CLASPS  1-1/4" glass cabochons set in sterling silver.  $120 each 

I won't be making a lot of the focal sized clasps, but there will always be some.  If you want one of the pendant designs made as a clasp, we can talk! ,

Pendants        Here's the scoop: 
Pendant-Bird4-lg.jpg (36534 bytes) Clasp-BACK-VIEW.jpg (24570 bytes) LARGE PENDANTS  1-1/4" glass cabochons set in sterling silver.  $120 each 

EXTRA LARGE PENDANTS  1-5/8" cabs set in sterling silver.    $165 each

 Nifty little boogers!  All of em have silver tubes on the back for stringing - slide em on a chain to wear, or incorporate them into your work as the focal!  Shoot me an email if you'd like to see what I have in stock, there's lots of designs!

Pendant-Cherries-Lg.jpg (38988 bytes) Pendant-Crab-Scream-xlg.jpg (37947 bytes) Pendant-Carpe-lg.jpg (39178 bytes)Pendant-Snail-Polish-xlg.jpg (40387 bytes)Pendant-Pear-lg.jpg (32816 bytes)Pendant-Croc1-lg.jpg (33151 bytes)Pendant-Frog-Peek1-lg.jpg (38603 bytes)
Headpins        Here's the scoop: 
Headpins-Spiral-Selection.jpg (55143 bytes) Earrings-Headpin-Dangles.jpg (33783 bytes) Mardi Gras Headpins -  spirals and dots on 4" sterling wire:     $8 each

Lots of nice bright juicy colors with contrasting spirals or dots... these make great earrings!  I kiln anneal the glass pieces then bond them onto 20 gauge sterling silver wire, and each headpin is at least 4" long, so you have lots of silver to play with.  Bunches of applications - earrings, charms, bellybuttonbobbles....

Headpins-Fancy-Florals-2.jpg (46602 bytes)

Headpins-Florals-1.jpg (54743 bytes)

Fancy Headpins   $ all different prices    4" silver wire

I've been messing with lots of different designs, if you want something special we can talk!