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Here it is! Ready? Experience Levels and Class Descriptions: 
Want to snag me to teach?  YAY!  There's a bunch of different cool classes we can do.

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Experience Levels:

Beginner:  I'm not teaching beginning classes anymore, sorry.  But I can refer you to classes & teachers in the SF Bay Area - shoot me an email! 

Experienced Beginner:  Classes for students who have completed beginning classes or equivalent, and practiced a bit. Should have some control and knowledge of basic techniques. 

Intermediate: Classes for students who've had more torch time, can control hot glass, make base beads in a reasonable time, and are okay with dots, stripes, etc.  You need to have spent some time playing with glass, and be comfortable. 

CURRENT CLASS LIST:  (things change, will probably come up with more! 

Creative Sculptural Beadmaking:  Bringing Your SillyStuff To Life  2 days, Intermediate    

Creative Sculpture & Goblins:  2 days of Sculpture & Creativity, 1 day with Goblin heads & body:  3 days, Intermediate    

Silly Sculpture Creativity Super Nova: Games! Fun! Find your Personal Voice! Learn to Improv with Glass!      2 days, Intermediate & Advanced     

Mural & Sculpture Combo: 1 day of Stringer Painting & Surface Sculpture, and 1 day of Critter Sculpture (Monkey Heads & More!)   2 days, Intermediate 

KissyLips and Goblins:  Eyes, Faces, Expressions & Things That Go Bump In The Kiln    1 day, Intermediate

Goblins, Dragons & Compound Creatures  3 days, Intermediate & advanced

Master Class: Everything I Know And A Bunch Of Stuff I'll Make Up On The Spot & We'll Make Something Big & Complicated:  5 days, Intermediate & Advanced 

Master Class Mini #1:  Sculptural Basics, Facial Features & Expression; make a Big Full Body Compound Dragon!   3 days, Intermediate & Advanced 

Master Class Mini #2:  Sculptural Basics & Expression; Working with Components & steel inserts; make a Big Running Hexipede Necklace!  3 days,  Intermediate & Advanced 

Butterflies, Hearts & Cute Stuff:  Designing for Beads of Courage    1 day,  Experienced Beginner & Intermediate

Rhesus Pieces: Monkeying Around With Glass ( chocolate chimp cookies optional)   1 day, Intermediate  

In the Octopus Garden:  Aquarium Bead with Octo, and maybe a trip Down on Squid Row?    1 day, Intermediate

Gills Gone Wild: All Kinds of Fish & Ocean Thingies (and CodZilla?)    1 day, Experienced Beginner & Intermediate   

Spooky Stuff: Halloween (thank Heavens for Little Ghouls...)     1 day,  Experienced Beginner & Intermediate

The Fast & The Furriest:  Easter Bunnies, Eggs & Peeps    1 day,  Experienced Beginner& Intermediate



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Feb. 22 - 23, 2013  Dream Fire Glass Studio

11916 Persuasion San Antonio TX 78216 

Creative Sculptural Beadmaking - Bring Your Sillystuff To Life     Intermediate

For Info & registration, see website:  www.dreamfireglass.com  Phone 210-342-3473

Feb. 24 - 25, 2013  Dream Fire Glass Studio

11916 Persuasion San Antonio TX 78216 


Two days of Funky Stuff   (to be determined)

Prereq: Must have completed 'Creative Sculptural Beadmaking' or have sculptural glass experience

For Info & registration, see website:  www.dreamfireglass.com  Phone 210-342-3473

April 03 - 07,  2013 

OHHHH THIS WAS  ***** FUN!!! *****

*     BEADCAMP!  *        

Five days with me in beautiful Nokomis, FL! 

Lots of time to learn & create & hang & talk & have fun... getcha there!

Sculptural Techniques & Funky Creativity - my 5 Day Master Class!         Intermediate/Advanced   

Five days of sculptural techniques, experimentation, creativity exercises, and working with components to create your own 3-D multi part designs.  Arms, legs, segmented bodies, FUN! 

For info & registration, see website: www.beadcamp.com or email marleybeers@nc.rr.com.

July 29 - 30, 2013  Studio 34 Creative Arts Center,  Rochester NY Goblins & Dragons & Compound Creatures                     2 day, Intermediate/advanced
This is a good one - See class description up above! 
Prereq: Must have completed 'Creative Sculptural Beadmaking' or have sculptural glass experience

For Info & registration, see website:  www.studio34beads.com  Phone 585.737.5858

Oct. 18 - 20, 2013 West Michigan Glass Art Center, Kalamazoo, MI 


A big fat 3-day class!  Two days of sculptural goodies and a day of Goblin/Dragon stuff.  Gonna be good!   Intermediate/Advanced   

For info: West Michigan Glass Art Center, Kalamazoo, MI  info@wmglass.org    phone 269-552-9802

           * 2014 *      * 2014 *          * 2014 *    * 2014 *    * 2014 *
Feb. 20-25, 2014  Glendale, AZ  Two 2-day Sculptural classes and an advanced 2-day Goblin, Dragon & Compound Critter class.  BIG FUN!  BEAD TOSSES! Intermediate/Advanced   

For info: Penny Dickinson, Co-owner, Let It Bead Studio

March 22-23,  2014 


Dallas TX  Two days of fun at the Dallas Craft Center!   Intermediate/Advanced   

For info: Melody Lynch, email melody@melodylynch.com

early June,  2014 

maybe!  maybe! 

Classes at Bead&Button in Milwaukee?           Crossing fingers!  I may be teaching classes at Bead&Button! Intermediate/Advanced   

For info: contact me!  sharon.peters@smartassglass.com

late June,  2014  Edmonton, Alberta Canada  Classes at Bedrock Supply in Edmonton!  Intermediate/Advanced   

For info: Kathy Walters, email kwalters@bedrocksupply.com

Fall 2014 - probably Sept/Oct Australia!  Starting in St. Andrews near Melbourne, then elsewhere.

Gonna be there teaching for 3 weeks, WHEEEE! 

 A bunch of intermediate & advanced classes... yay!       Intermediate/Advanced   

For info:  Jacquie Campbell, email jacquiecglass@me.com.  Website jacquiecampbellbeads.com.au

I'll post all the class venues and info when details are firmed up!  

           * 2015 *      * 2015 *          * 2015 *    * 2015 *    * 2015 *
Fall 2015

Tours, Fun & class in Italy...  Final dates coming soon! 

This is going to be something FABULOUS - small group, maximum fun, big dose of Italy (and me! - whooooooo!) International Beadmaking and Art Adventure in Italy:  Venice, Murano, Rome, and lots of class time with *me* in Coldigioco, a little bitty Italian hill town.  Kendra Bruno of Trovata Creative Adventures will make sure we all have a great time! 


For Info & registration, email Kendra@TrovataOnline.com

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