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Earrings-Lark-Headpin-Dangl.jpg (24319 bytes) fyi

Variable lengths, variable colors, variable prices, probably!


Mix n' Match Fancy Headpin Danglies!

Consider the mix n' match!  Visualize a whole ****load of cool components that you can slide on and off a pair of cooperative earwires, to make up custom earring sets as the mood takes you!  This one has six of my super-dooper-size headpin danglies... the long ones are over 1.5", and the whole mess is about 3" long.    I made the ear wires from a couple of really nice headpins from Pacific Silverworks, and you can slide all the danglies off & on, much like the white earrings below.  I tried to cound the combos possible, and lost count at 30 - and hadn't even gotten to the asymmetrical designs! 

Earrings-Cat-Heads.jpg (28045 bytes) $75

1.75" x.75"


Kitty Dangles

I make these for the Arts Afire Glass Gallery in Alexandria, Virginia - I'll post a price when I find out what they're charging for em, it's not nice to undercut your galleries!  If it's not up soon, remind me... 

Earrings-Headpin-Spirals-B.jpg (21804 bytes) $45



Mature, Sophisticated, Wearable Earrings

(These don't have eyeballs or bellybuttons!  Who are you, and what have you done with Sharon?)



Bangle-Cattail-BW.jpg (21744 bytes) fyi

most 7 - 8"



Bangle Bracelet:  Cat Tail   (NOTE: silver prices are too high, I'm not making bangles right now)

Wear your cat on your wrist!  Here we've got a crouching cat with the worlds longest tail, inspired by Nicky 'The Meatball' Corleone (cat, not husband), who, if he isn't licking his butt, is sucking the end of his tail.  All I've ever wanted was one normal cat...  Anyway, the underside has a round white belly with the obligatory bellybutton, the feet are notched with toes, and it's female, unless you really want those extra dots. Made using 14G Sterling Silver wire with Thai Hill Tribes dangling charms (FISHES!  This cat comes with its own lunch.....)

Bracelet_calico_cat_JPEG.jpg (38136 bytes) Bracelet_siamese_cat_JPEG.jpg (42581 bytes) Make your own bracelet...  the bead set with rhinestone collar is $85

Submitted for your examination, a sampling of some other color combos I've used (insert Twilight Zone ding-ding-ding-ding music here...).  Want a bracelet to match The Cat Who Owns You?   I can give it a shot but it'll never be exact, and keep in mind that  Russian Blue's *will* be periwinkle.  And stripes? ackkk!  Stinkin hard, they'll cost more!

Bangle-Flower-Blue.jpg (52034 bytes) fyi

most 7 - 8"


Bangle Bracelet: Big Fat 3-D Blue Flower      

I learned how to make bangle bracelets from Shirley Cook, who learned from Connie Fox, who learned from.... darned if I know!  But it's a lot of fun making clasps and figuring out designs and putting these together, and I plan to run amok with it for awhile.  The challenge is coming up with things that are instantly identifiable as My Work.  The cat stuff sure is, but this is more artsyfartsyflowerygirly, save me! It's made using 14G Sterling Silver wire with Thai Hill Tribes dangling charms, and you can see my signature chip in the filler bead to the right...

Bangle-Cat-Mouse-BW.jpg (50102 bytes) mine...

most 7 - 8"


Bangle Bracelet:  Cat & Special Guest Star Mouse       

I *like* this one, even tho it IS skirting the edges of Lawyer Territory..  The head was a leftover from one of my brother's Christmas presents (did I tell you that I Kill Mickey every year for him?  He works at Disneyland and the guys backstage like that kind of stuff...).  I did a Dead Mickey in Mousetrap and the ears on this head were a bit too big and bumped against the spring, so I got to keep it.  The bangle's 14G Sterling Silver wire with Thai Hill Tribes charms.  And you can see my new silver cathead signature tag dangling down at the bottom... cool, eh?  Hill Tribes made it just  for me!


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