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Here's the stuff that I was procrastinating (HATE computer work!)  I'm working out names (pun alert!) and prices, and will update as I go along.  And as each one gets its whackywonkypunfilled description, I'll move it to the 'Recent' pages - gotta keep all the comedy routines together!   For all of you who've nagged me into submission on this - THANK YOU!  

Alien Venus Rising From the Flower 

Alien Pen


Ass Backwards Series

Twistie Lizard Pen

Beanie Girl with Cat



Before Lunch 

Catnip Garden

CATalina Vacation 

CATalina Vacation 

Ass Backwards Series 

Wake Up Little Sushi

Sushi 2

Cat Fish

Russian Blue

Bird Brain

Cloned for Color


Surfin' Bird


Ode to Joy

Big Clown Thingie




Cows in the Wind

Beast of Birding

Beast of Birding 2

Fleas Navidad

Dog Gone


Leap Year


Small Goof Dragon

Ivory Dragon Head


And Another! 

Small Gold Dragon

Cool Danglie Earrings


The BEST gift for your dental staff!


The Beagle Has Landed!  Pooch with Electroformed Helmet


A Loon, of course

Trunk Show

Tile Fish 1

Tile Fish 2

Funky Guy


Slither Hither & Thither



Caliban's Cute Butt

Party Ghoul




Godzilla Stomping Tokyo, yet another try

Goblin Baby

Green Goblin Lips

Go Bananas


Will Work For Fish

Classic Banana Slug

My Earring Display

SPS Long Face #1

SPS Long Face #4


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