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Derby Scandal


SPS Bird #2

SPS Long Face #5

SPS Long Face #6

SPS Bird #3

SPS Bird #5

SPS Long Face #8

SPS Long Face #7

Daring Young Slug on the Flying Trapeze

Slither Hither & Thither

Shelley Oh

Pin Feathers


Dancing Queen #1

Dancing Queen #2

The Game is A Foot


Trojan Cat

Weiner on Wheels

Urine Trouble


Jules Verne's Mechanical Fish


Sub Woofer #2

Northern Lights

Genie Pen

Surfin' Bird



My Signature Cane


Sub Woofer: The Poodle Years

Urine Trouble: Poodle Ditto


Sub Woofer #4


Sub Woofer: Bone #2

Bad to the Bone

Trojan Fish

Noah's Ark (it's a little dinghy, eh?)

Big Bird Brain

Beads of Courage Butterflies

Frog Heaven

Lunchtime at Disneyland

Handsome 8-Footer

PMC: Dragon Vessel



PMC: cat charm

PMC: Godzilla Stomping Tokyo (again!)

PMC: Dog Charm

PMC: Take Me To Your Beader

Chinese New Year Dragon: Smaller Wearable Version #1

Ditto: #2

Exhibit: Dog Gone


Exhibit: First Contact 

Exhibit:  Garden of Beadin'




Exhibit:  Swat Team #2


Dog Gone Detail


Yep, it's still lunchtime....

Doodles: First you've gotta design! 

Critter Heads

The wire-arm Aliens

Dancing Queen, take 1


The Piddler


And More Piddler


Campbell's Next Soup

Freda Santa Fe Beads



Closeup, cause I could


Freda Sparklies





Freda-Sparklies-2.jpg (45255 bytes)

Little Sparklies

Freda-Sparklies-colors.jpg (66603 bytes)

3 sparklie colors! 


That's all so far!  I'll be adding new work to the HOT OFF THE PRESSES pages as I make it - keep checking back! 

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