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Bead    Price & Size
   Name & Description
Necklace-Octoball-Giant.jpg (27522 bytes) $450

length: 22"

Pendant: 3 x 2"


Giant Octoball Necklace

You ask about The Perils of The Octoball Harvest? Okay, here's the scoop:  I get my Octoballs (the round, hollow, spiky bits on the necklace to the left, between the fish) deep in the Marianas Trench.  They come in eight-packs.  Unfortunately, Octoballs are becoming harder and harder to find, since all I've run across lately are the females  (make note to start breeding program in bathtub ASAP.... )

This was exhibited  at the Bead Annual, an invitational glass bead exhibit at The Bullseye Connection in  Portland, Oregon  May 31 July 22, 2000.  Then the next year it won 1st prize for Professional Jewelry Incorporating Lampworked Beads at the Alameda County Fair -  pretty good for three fish who never went to School  (but they're in a Bass Band, and they're paid union Scale... shall I stop now?)

Necklace_Blue_Moo_JPEG.jpg (24542 bytes) $265

length: 26"

Once In A Blue Moo 

Blue Moo, You Saw Me Standing Alone, Without a Cud In my Mouth, Without a Bull Of My Own..... Your nice basic Blue Cow necklace, complete with udders, oreos (what ELSE would you put on a cow necklace?  The milk is implied - and inside),  and the green tangled-filigrana ball is cud, yep, fresh from its sojourn in the Rumen, Reticulum, Omasum and  Abomasum (you *did* know cows have 4 stomachs, right?  And each one has a name?  What do you call YOUR stomach?  I call mine Burp... oops, Burt!)

Necklace-Bad-To-Bone-Origin.jpg (50418 bytes) $__

length 40"

Pendant: 4 x 1"


Bad To The Bone Part 1:  The Original  

Just thought you'd like to see it!   This is the notorious 'dog poop' necklace, made for an exhibit of Contemporary Glass Beadmakers at the Rockwell Museum in Corning, NY in May 1998.  I learned how to get a matte, pebbly finish on a bead by dipping it in baking soda then flaming it to death, so I did a couple small bones to test it out and the necklace was born.   The little brown filler beads are poops, but most everyone in Corning took em for kibble, thank heavens.  This was my 1st ever museum exhibit, and they even put a picture of this in the local paper, whoo hoo!   Then when I got home I sent it off to  the Alameda County Fair and it won a prize!  It was the poops.  I just know it was the poops...  wiping out all the competition!  

Necklace-Bad-to-the-Bone.jpg (139137 bytes) $___

length 28"

focal 1.75 x 1.5"


Bad To The Bone Part 2:  Burying Bones In The Flower Garden

It's kinda hard to see, but there's a little rabid dog hanging onto a big bone in the upper left corner of The Original, above.  I just loved that bead, and when it came time to send something to yet another Alameda County Fair I made a couple dogs, a dozen gold-foil floral beads, two collar & bone toggle clasps, a bunch of gold foil fillers and enough femurs to recreate a Jurassic Centipede, and put them together into two of these guys.  Linked together they made a nice long impressive necklace, and they won at the fair!  FAME!  I want to torch forever... I want to learn how to fry... FAME!   Cindy Jenkins put one in her new Beads Of Glass book (that one I'll keep!) but the other needs a good home.... it's housebroken.

Necklace_Dog_Bones_Jim.jpg (31964 bytes) $___

length 26"

focal 1.75 x 1.25 


Bad To The Bone  Part 3:  Cranberry Woof Supreme

Just can't stop making those bones!  This looks just killer when worn, it's simple and the colors are great and it catches everybody's attention- just what you want with your embellishments!  WHY does it catch the attention, you ask?  Because it's looking at you, silly... and if something's looking at you, you look back.  Wear this and all attention will be focused on your Area de BoobalStructure - unless you're a guy.  I could have sold a million of these back in college.  The pooch is ivory with tea stain, loopy inset crossed eyes, whisker dots, and an open mouth with big fat pink tongue hanging out.  No drool, that's optional.  The back of his head is flat so he lays nicely against the above-mentioned BStructure, and the clasp is the usual (but new & improved - it's larger!) studded collar and bone.  Not 'arf bad!

Necklace-Cow-Dairy-Barn-Exh.jpg (33762 bytes) $___

length 28"

pendant 4 x 1" 


Recycling At Daisy's Dairy 

Down toward the end of 1999 I was in my 'office' flipping thru the adverts at the back of a bead magazine, and got to the 'Call For Entries' section and found a notice from The Dairy Barn Cultural Arts Center for their Bead International 2000 exhibit.  I had the beautiful hardback book from their 1998 Bead exhibit, and the only lampwork in the whole thing was a beautiful simple necklace of graduated round cobalt beads by Thalia Tringo.  I knew I didn't have much of a chance, but it was the DAIRY BARN, ferheavenssake, and I'd just finished this necklace.  So I sent in a slide to entertain the jurors because it was the DAIRY BARN, and darned if they didn't jury it into the show!  It was on exhibit for 3 months, and then the show toured a bunch of venues in the U.S. for 2 more years - way cool.  And they put it in another big coffee-table book, The Best in Contemporary Beadwork, Published by The Dairy Barn Cultural Arts Center and Coproduced by Beadwork Magazines.  The fame... the glory... you may touch my hand.   If I ever decide to sell the necklace, I'll toss in a copy of the book, too...

Necklace-Flower-Dangles.jpg (48923 bytes) $___

length 18" 

pendant 4.5" 


The Angle Of The Dangle   (Fuchsia Shock?) 



I'll be writing text for this as soon as I can!

Necklace-Dragon-Amethyst.jpg (45026 bytes) $___

length: 16" 

focal 1.5 x 1.25" 


Dragon Home At 3am, Burping Princesses....     NEED A NAME FOR THIS! 



I'll be writing text for this as soon as I can!

Necklace-Flower-Lalapalooza.jpg (38534 bytes) $___

length 22" 

pendant 4 x 3 x 1.25" 


Flora Lollapalooza - in the spring issue of Bead Unique Magazine!!

The necklace is called 'Flora Lollapalooza' and it's 22" long, with a 4 x 3 x 1.25" pendant. I made the leaves, birds, flower, and toggle clasp using Effetre glass; the green disc filler beads are chrysophrase. The silver findings are Thai Hill Tribe, and I used John Winter's 'T' component to attach the pendant. 

The pendant is a compound bead - the side leaves and flower were all made separately with the hole going partway thru. I built the base bead with inserts of nichrome wire, and when all the bits came out of the kiln I cleaned them, slid them onto the wire, and bonded them together. Lots of fun doing this - I can get great detail! The leaves at the top and bottom of the pendant have holes going all the way thru, and they're wired on to finish the design (sounds formal, eh? wrote it in case the magazine needed text...)

Necklace_silver_ivory_bird_2.jpg (36992 bytes) Necklace_silver_ivory_bird_2_detail.jpg (37158 bytes) One Good Tern Deserves Another....      $___

length 24"       pendant 3.25 x 1.25" 



I'll be writing text for this as soon as I can!

Necklace-Pendant-Flower-Cyl.jpg (30378 bytes) $___

length 22" 

pendant          1.5 x .75" 


Silver Floral Cylinder Pendant (no funny names here... can't think of one!) 




I'll be writing text for this as soon as I can!

Necklace-Flower-Junior.jpg (27677 bytes) $___

length 22" 

pendant       2.75 x 1" 


Lolly Junior 





I'll be writing text for this as soon as I can!

Necklace-Lab-Flask-Good.jpg (33204 bytes) $___

length 24" 

pendant 3 x 1.5" 


Meanwhile, Back At The Lab....   



I'll be writing text for this as soon as I can!

Necklace-Cat-Portrait-Black.jpg (27516 bytes) $___

length 20" 

pendant 1.5 x 1" 


Medallion de Puddy Necklace




I'll be writing text for this as soon as I can!

Necklace_Cootie_ivory_turquoise_JPEG.jpg (41833 bytes) $___

length 24" 


Dancing Hexipede Version 1:  Bug Lake


I'll be writing text for this as soon as I can!

Necklace-Dancing-Hexipede.jpg (49008 bytes)

Necklace-Dancing-Hexipede-2.jpg (53830 bytes)

Dancing Hexipede Version 2:  The Endorsement Years  

$___     chain 16"  Bug  2 x 8"  

two chain options available... elbow mac links or sterling chain segments (because I couldn't decide)

I'll be writing text for this as soon as I can!

Necklace-Froghead-Hollow.jpg (38414 bytes) $___

length 24" 

focal              1.5 x 1.25 x 1.5" 


Frog Blow-Out Necklace 



I'll be writing text for this as soon as I can!

Necklace-Pendant-Bird.jpg (24521 bytes) $___

length 22"

pendant         2.5 x 1.25" 


Silvered Ivory Bird Pendant 



I'll be writing text for this as soon as I can!

Necklace-Squiggle-Red-Elbow.jpg (31912 bytes) $___

length 22" 

focal 1 x 1.75" 


Elbow Mac Necklace  



I'll be writing text for this as soon as I can!

Necklace-Slug-Swing.jpg (47342 bytes) $___

length 24"

slug                  3 x 4 x 1.25"  


That Daring Young Slug on the Flying Trapeze... 


I'll be writing text for this as soon as I can!

Necklace-Octoball-Yellow.jpg (30108 bytes) $___

length 20" 

focal 1 x 1" 


Octoball Junior 




I'll be writing text for this as soon as I can!

Necklace-Bullseye-Small-Oct.jpg (18216 bytes) $___

length 26" 

octoballs 1 x 1"

gollywholloper   1 x 2" 

In The Octoball Garden 



I'll be writing text for this as soon as I can!


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