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    And more new-ish complicated stuff!  Can you tell I've been having fun? 


Dragon-Chinese-New-Year.jpg (29029 bytes) Dragon-Chinese-New-Year-Ins.jpg (62816 bytes) The 'Can She Really Do It?' Series:  Chinese New Year Dragon 

So it's Chinese New Year and I'm at the local Szechwan place, and the waiter plops down my  Beef & Black Bean Chow Fun - and stabs it right in the middle with a chopstick topped with the 3-D paper dragonhead cool thing on the right.  "I can make that!" I shriek, throw down money, grab a takeout carton and hightail it for home, where I crank up the kiln & give it my best shot (on the left), and eat cold Chow Fun at 11 pm (doesn't First Person Present sound like Sam Spade?).  It turned out pretty good, & next time it'll be better - this one's muzzle & beard are way too short.   Got potential! 

Dragon-Chinese-New-Year-Sec.jpg (31242 bytes)

Dragons-Japan-Exhibit.jpg (37040 bytes)

The 'Yes She CAN!' Series:  Chinese New Year Dragon 

4.25 x 2.25 x 1.75"   This huge honker toured the world in the Trajectories Exhibit!

I DID IT I DID IT WHOOO HOOOOOOOOOOO! Got the color & balance & proportion just right, muzzle lengthened, eyes facing forward, and tons of gratuitous decoration!  The prototype up above is #1, and this one is #5 - it took the 4 in the middle to evolve the design from 'that's pretty good' to 'OMG, did I do THAT?'   And boy, this critter is stinkin' hard to make - worse than the big Jesters.  I went berserk spinning the damthings like a maniac for 2 hours in the flame to keep em from dying, cracking, and blowing off bits n' pieces while I was adding the details.  The whole mess is decorated - the back has overlapping gold-orange 3-D scalloped scales, looks just absolutely stinkin cool!   Now all it needs is a name.....   The head is 2.5 x 2.25 x 1.75", and if you add on the dangle beard the whole thing gets to 4.25 x 2.25 x 1.75".  I was thinking about doing a couple of these as an exclusive limited series, like the Jester, but they're WAY too hard and an 80% attrition rate is just not fun.

SOOO.... I've modified the design - a little bit smaller, lighter, flat on the back so it hangs well as a pendant, and three danglies - these guys have a MUCH better survival rate!  Check out the two little guys in the picture on the right.  Smaller version, $425, limited series

Bug-with-hands-new.jpg (37584 bytes) $120

3 x 2.25 x 1" 

including antennae

Bug Series: Buzz Bee Berkeley

And he likes to dance - see?  Arms out ready to grab you for a fast JitterBug!  This is an Alien Mosquito with antennae and hands - the Next Step in Bug evolution (this kind of thing happens when I leave the beads alone in a dark drawer for awhile...)  This guy's arm/hand section is a separate unit, wired into the mosquito assemblage just above the body.  Like the antennae, the arms are threaded with seed beads and the hands are attached with a special adhesive, so you can fixit if a seed bead ever breaks... see below for info.   Cute little Son of a Bee, ain't it?

Bug-6Footer-Wire-New.jpg (29992 bytes) $225

4 x 2.5 x 1.5"

height calculations include antennae (as they should!)

Handsome Six Footer, Bug Series 2

When this guy was a teenager did his parents go broke replacing tennis shoes?  Meet the Handsome Six Footer, with inset wire legs and the latest in Fashion Footwear!  Shoes come in red, black, and blue, and hands come in full wave (shown), the Travolta Finger Point (that one's called  'Stayin Alive', which seems appropriate) and the Rude Gesture (see the Piss-Ant, below).  These are big dimensional pieces, fun to wear!  Note: The legs are rigid wire, cased with color coated silver wire coils.  If you bend em, you could mess up the coils, so don't, please!   

Piddler-On-The-Roof-Front.jpg (26050 bytes) Piddler-On-The-Roof-Back.jpg (25290 bytes) Piddler On The Roof     (first try)     3 x 1.5"    (prototype)

Save me... I already have 'If I were a bitch, man' cycling in my head, and it wouldn't take much to convert the entire song to Dog!   Let's talk bead - yet another Prototype With Potential,  but the doghouse is HEAVY.  I tried making it hollow, but no go.  Maybe it's destined to be the world's silliest Ceiling Fan Pull?  I take it to shows sometimes, and one of my customers really liked it - in fact, it took a Real Effort Of Will for her leave without it.  Will was her husband.  (sorry...)  

Piddler-3-Front.jpg (26572 bytes) Piddler-3-Back.jpg (23856 bytes) Dog Day After Poo...       heheeeee...   but really, it's the New Improved Piddler! 

 $145       1.25 x 1.75 x 1.5"

It occurred to me that a Piddler should have Piddle, and that the clever, resourceful and ohsotacky application of a bit of thin steel wire during the torching process could just maybe do the job.  So I tried it, and we're on our way!  I painted the Offending Liquid Stream with a nice yellow metal paint but it scraped off too easily, not good!  So now the piddle stream is augmented with little yellow triangular glass beads with a silver core that sparkle like the dickens (no pun intended)! 

And COMING SOON... as suggested by Mary Ann Williams (who thinks every piddler deserves a puddle to call its own), I'm going to crank up the glass fusing kiln and try to make a glass piddle puddle to attach to the end of the stream,  thus changing this design from a PrettyDamnSilly Bead to a... dare I say it?.... Small Important Piece Of Sculpture.  If it maxes out your Tacky Quotient, blame Mary Ann! 
NEW!  See Hot Page 3 for the AUTOMATED DOG WALKING SYSTEM.... the page isn't linked yet, but you'll find instructions down below that'll tell you how to sneak in for a look! 

Dog-Walking-System-Top.jpg (22870 bytes) $145

_ x __ x __"


The Automated Dog Walking System

NEW from SharonCo, the Automated Dog Walking System, for those days when you're just not up to taking the pooch out for a drag (are you one of the 3 people who've seen Bonfire of the Vanities? Do you remember the classic Weiner Dog Drag scene?  Priceless!)  Our Patented Collar is available in 3 sizes and the Modular Incentive Component is included at no extra charge!  The New Cat Collar Fitness System with mouse is also available!  Gets yours today and we'll toss in, AT NO EXTRA CHARGE,  the SharonCo Atomic Powered Belly Button Lint Remover, a $35,498 value!  And if your order *RIGHT NOW* you'll also receive SharonCo's newest mass-market publication, 'Setting Up Your In-Bathroom Business Workstation:  Wipe Out The Competition!",  a $24.95 value, but only if you order now, NOW, *N*O*W* !!!!!   Call  Now, supplies are limited!!!!

Gremlin-Heads-Happy.jpg (64886 bytes) $112 ea.

size varies due to ear position - most are  1.25 x 2" or 2 x 1.25"

Things That Go Bump In The Night Series:  New Orc, New Orc...  (hum along!)

Start spreading the news, I'm Beading today, I want to make a bunch of them,  New Orc, New Orc!

I've been reading The Lord Of The Rings since I was 12, and I *know* what an Orc looks like, and it ain't what was in the movies!  So here's New Orcs - they're studded with air-bubble jewels, have very spiffy inset eyes, and the whole mess of em are smiling because I've fed them Elves.    Bye, Orlando...

Gremlin-Heads-2-Green.jpg (30169 bytes) $112 ea.

1.5 x 2"        more or less...


Things That Go Bump In The Night Series:  Elf-Portraits

These are the first in a new series, Elf-Portraits.  They were born when I was stuck in traffic in the Caldecott Tunnel, where many of my very best ideas germinate - always keep a pad & pen in your car!  I suspect there's going to be a lot of improv on this theme... right off the top of my head we've got Elf Help Books,  Elf Actualization, Elf Pity.  Elf Righteousness, Elf Regard, Elf Awareness, Elf Hypnosis, and Elf Aggrandizement (watch out, Santa!)   I used one of these heads for Mr. Green Genes above, turned out good!  I can do custom colors for the heads, but might have to exercise some Elf Control...

Mural-Silverbase-Bird-Penda.jpg (21230 bytes)

Mural-silver-ivory-bird-set.jpg (134865 bytes)

Silvered Ivory Mural Series:  Buy, Buy Birdie  heheeeeee   $85  1.5 x 1.5"

A very nice focal bead!  The hole is horizontal, going thru the top of the bead at about the level of the bird's eye.  A lot of heavy silver melted into this, and a bunch of twisties squiggled and melted in make a nice rich background for the bird, which is slightly raised off the surface.  All it needs is a thin chain and a couple of black filler beads on each side, and it's wearable. And just because I can, a group shot...  These guys, made into a necklace, made it to the cover of Profitable Glass Quarterly.  A nice surprise!

Alien-OneEye-Ray-Gun.jpg (25745 bytes) Alien-OneEye-Rocket.jpg (30945 bytes) Take Me To Your Beader Series:         $165      _ x __ x __"

Independence Day (my alltimefave move) got it wrong... THESE are the critters who were flying those ships, and all it would have taken to stop em was a big pile of marshmallow creme, some Easter Peeps (they need mates, ya know?) and repeated choruses of 'The Cockroach Who Ate Cincinnati'.  This was part of my 'poke wire in glass' phase, and it was a lot of fun - especially making the little hands.  Gotta tell you, I've got some Politically Incorrect Leftover Hands in the junk drawer... but we won't go there.

alien_set_resized_for_WC.jpg (157878 bytes) just for lookies...



Take Me To Your Beader!  The Whole Stinkin' Collection...

Here's the whole mess of critters!  I submitted this to a juried exhibit that required a grouping of theme related  beads, and they were (gasp of dismay and disbelief) rejected.  Perhaps I should have bribed the judges?  On second thought, they probably didn't want to have to deal with the Marshmallow Creme...

Rocket-With-Flame.jpg (13009 bytes) $85

_ x __ x __"

Take Me To Your Beader Series:  Out To Launch

A lovely little rocket ship!  The nose is a tear-drop faceted fiber optic bead, and the flaming tail is mounted on a headpin that goes thru the body of the piece and forms the hanging loop at the top.

This is a pendant - no hole at the bottom to string thru, unless you lose the flames (please don't...)


Wire-Swoop-Rocket-Paperweig.jpg (36072 bytes) $ no clue!


Giant Paperweight Swoop Series:  Trajectories: Checker Shuttle To The Moon

And this bit o' work toured the world in the Trajectories Exhibit, too!  

In fact, we were lucky to get it back from Turkey...   The planet is a big paperweight and has a hole going thru the poles - as does our Earth.  How else do you think it stays suspended and rotating?  And the Acme Check Shuttle Cab, piloted by Wiley E. Coyote, has just launched from a remote island in the Pacific (unlikely?  Not atoll!) and is, of course, on its way to the wrong destination.  Beep Beep!

Wire-Swoop-Rocket.jpg (25676 bytes) $112

_ x __ x __"

Take Me To Your Beader Series: Rocket to the Moon

This is the smaller wearable Swoop bead... thru the Magic of Perspective & Foreshortening, you (from your vantage point on the moon) can see the rocket as a large looming object, moving away from the small, distant earth...  or you can just say "Sharon, did you screw up the sizes again?

WIre-Swoop-Derby-Paperweigh.jpg (42716 bytes) $ no way....



one of a kind....

Giant Paperweight Swoop Series:  Derby Steroids Scandal - Winner's Circle!

I invented this one for the All Member Show at the annual convention of the Int'l Society of Glass Beadmakers (interested? info's on www.isgb.org) in Louisville, 2005.  Since it's Derby town, the exhibit theme was 'Winner's Circle', and we all had to come up with something related to horses, racing, oats,  winning...   I briefly toyed with the Sad Finish Line Collapse of Mr. Ed -  A Corpse is a Corpse, Of Horse, Of Horse....  but then decided that was too tacky even for ME.   So then I thought about illustrating the actual exhibit name - Winner's Circle - and what better than to have the winner circling the earth?   I found that it really doesn't take much to bring a racehorse up to Escape Velocity -  just the judicious application, before the start of the race, of about a quart Bush's Baked Beans (I got the recipe from the dog).     Note: the planet is paperweight-like, but still has a hole going thru the poles...

Horse-Roller-Derby-Prototyp.jpg (27348 bytes) $____

_ x __ x __"

Louisville Series:  Roller Derby (prototype)

Ya know, I was just horsing around, and look what happened...  found a bunch of extra roller feet leftover from the weiner dogs, and some extra wire from the tall TALL cats, and did a big mess o' improv.  The hole goes thru the chest and out under the tail (as all Anatomically Correct Critters should be), but I'm not sure it's wearable...  so I've stashed it in a dark, private drawer with the Winners Circle horse, and I'm hoping for a litter!

Totem-Lion-Buffet-3-Piece.jpg (35336 bytes) $ no clue...       one of a kind.

trees: 4 x 2 x 2"

lion: 2 x 1.25

Totem:  Lion Buffet

This was made for Jeffrey at Aanraku Glass, who wanted wine bottle toppers that told a story - and he came armed with his story, ack!  These are complicated stinkers... the palm toppers have 7 or 8 components.  And the story?  Jeffrey falls asleep under a palm tree and a lion (who unaccountably lives in Hawaii?) bites the pants off his butt, trees him, and sits there gloating.  Do *not* as me to make another set...   I don't think I have the strength!

    Lots more to come!  Go to the HOT OFF THE PRESSES pages to see pictures of the rest of my work from the last 3 or 4 years.  As I get off my butt and write the text, I'll plug the pics in here...  promise!


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